Findster Duo Plus For Dogs

So if you are worried about losing your dog, consider getting some like the Findster Duo+.  For teeny tiny details about the particular features of this product and all that, you can read this review of the Findster Duo +. But very briefly, it’s basically two modules – one goes on your dog’s collar, and the other one stays with you. These two modules can talk to each other, so if your dog goes missing, you can find him super easily. The best part is, that unlike most other pet trackers on the market, there is no monthly fee for this one!

Needless to say, there is a Findster iPhone app which works with this. You can use this app to track your dog’s location in real time using GPS, which is the functionality of this product. But there are a few added benefits as well. You can also get some sense of your pet’s daily activity, and you can also customize safe areas in which your pet can roam.

Overall, a pretty nice app that you can check out.