How to make your iPhone look good!

Since the first generation of iPhones hit store shelves 9 years ago, people have come to loved them generation by generation. Fans of this smartphone line are not only buying the device because of its social upheaval capabilities, but also because of its gorgeous shape and design.

Users are keen to personalize the look and feel of their iPhone. Customization of Apple Inc.’s prominent product is was tried all the way from its 1st generation, and continues up till today’s famous iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

So how can you make your iPhone look good?

Get some apps:

There are various ways to customize your iPhone. One is to buy apps for doing this from the Apple store that range all the way from free to relatively expensive. Some examples include Pimp Your Screen, Call Screen Maker, Cuptakes, Fantastical, SwiftKey and many more! Here is an article that describes some of these, and some others, in some detail. These applications will give you the ability to customize not only your home screen but also your icons and even the lock screen.

Get cool cases:

Another way to customize your iPhone is to buy customized cases and customized tempered glasses  or screen protectors that will make the outside of your phone look great, and also protect the phone. These products could be bought in Apple stores or any stores that sells mobile products. These could also be found in Amazon, eBay and other online shopping sites. For an extra special look, you can consider personalized covers such as Zuniquely custom phone cases.

Focus on accessories:

Lastly, you may also buy accessories to increase your iPhone’s utility and cool factor. Such accessories can include earphones (like the brand new Airpods from Apple), chargers, powerbanks and many more. Such products are available in mobile product stores found in malls. These could also be bought online, and this alternative is often cheaper than buying in stores so long as you know where to  look!


All About Iphones

Hi there, I know most of us are very familiar and get excited about iPhones! The iPhone 7 was recently released in the market. As always, some cool features have been incorporated into this latest release. As a personal consumer, I am an avid iPhone user since Iphone 3 was released. I do like their products not only for luxury but because also for practicality. I just turned in my iPhone 6 Plus and got the iPhone 7, so I am super excited about exploring various features!